Géosphère Consultant | About Us
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About Us

Géosphère Consultants was founded in Quebec more than 15 years ago

Our mission

Géosphère Consultants was founded in Quebec more than 15 years ago. The firm is considered among the largest in the field of environmental management, providing unparalleled services for the environmental assessment of sites (phases I, II and III) and the decontamination or rehabilitation of contaminated sites.
Considering all the elements that could pose a direct and / or a potential risk to the environment, Géosphère Consultants and its multidisciplinary team aims for excellency in the environmental assessment of sites.
Thanks to the experience of its technical staff, Géosphère Consultants provides a professional service, tailored to the needs and budget of its customers.
As “Time is money”, Géosphère Consultants is committed to respecting your timetable in order to accelerate the undertaking of all of your future steps.

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