Tank removal and oil equipment dismantling

According to Article 177 of the Building Code: A property owner who permanently ceases to remove petroleum products from an underground tank or who has not removed any for two years or more must meet the requirements of Article 8.45 of Chapter VIII of the Building Code (Chapter B-1.1, r. 2). With its professional team, Géosphère Consultants can carry out the removal and dismantling of oil equipment in compliance with the requirements of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and the Environmental Quality Act (L.Q.E) while following this methodology:

  1. Apply for an RBQ permit: Before commencing the work, you must obtain a permit from the RBQ.
  2. Remove petroleum products from the tank.
  3. Clean the tank: The tank must be cleaned in accordance with environmental standards.
  4. Dismantle the tank: The tank must be dismantled and removed in accordance with environmental standards.
  5. Dispose of the tank: The tank must be transported to an approved treatment or recycling facility.
  6. Prepare an environmental report to confirm compliance with environmental standards.

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