Energy efficiency

In the field of housing and construction, energy efficiency typically relates to the use of energy for heating, cooling, lighting, hot water, and household appliances. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings can lead to reduced energy costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and improved indoor comfort.

Quebec has also adopted an energy efficiency action plan aimed at reducing energy consumption by 15% by 2030 compared to 2013 levels. This action plan includes measures such as requiring building owners to report their annual energy consumption and implementing high energy efficiency standards for new buildings and renovations.

The government of Quebec has established several programs to promote energy efficiency in buildings, industries, and transportation. One of the most significant programs is the Energy Efficiency Program (PEE), which offers financial incentives to businesses and building owners for energy efficiency projects. The program provides grants for measures such as installing efficient heating and cooling systems, improving building insulation, replacing energy-consuming equipment, and optimizing industrial processes.

Our qualified energy efficiency team can provide you with an energy audit of your building to reduce energy consumption and enhance thermal comfort.

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