Environmental remediation of contaminated sites according to the PSRTC Intervention Guide - MELCCFP: IN-SITU, ON-SITU, and EX-SITU

Environmental remediation of soils and water is an essential process for restoring soil quality and protecting the environment. Géosphère Consultants has a specialized team experienced in implementing soil and water remediation projects while complying with Quebec and Canadian regulations. This process requires the development and planning of a remediation plan tailored to the site's specific conditions and the client's budget.

With its experienced project managers in the field of environmental remediation, Géosphère Consultants follows the following methodology for conducting decontamination work:

  1. Scoping: Review all previous studies and available information to frame the project and identify critical elements to avoid surprises. During this phase, Géosphère Consultants will choose the best decontamination method (IN-SITU, ON-SITU, or EX-SITU).
  2. Planning: Develop an action plan for carrying out the decontamination work while discussing the entire process and work progress with the main client.
  3. Execution: Commence environmental remediation work. Géosphère Consultants has all the necessary tools to carry out decontamination work from start to finish without disturbing the client.
  4. Communication: Géosphère Consultants maintains continuous communication with the client to keep them informed about the progress of the work. Additionally, they communicate with all other stakeholders such as cities, MELCCFP, financial institutions, RBQ, Trace-Québec, sites for the disposal of contaminated soil, etc.
  5. Closure: At the end of the work, Géosphère Consultants confirms the achievement of its objectives with final tests conducted at an independent laboratory accredited by MELCCFP. A final report describing the environmental remediation work, along with necessary annexes such as laboratory analysis results, transport manifests, Trace-Québec certificates, and the remediation plan, will be prepared and sent to the main client.

Furthermore, the Géosphère-Consultants team can provide assistance in seeking municipal and/or provincial grants to finance decontamination work.

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Géosphere Consultants is your preferred partner for cutting-edge environmental solutions. As a leader in the field of environmental assessments, we combine advanced technical expertise with a passionate commitment to the environment. Our collaborative approach guarantees exceptional results, while placing the environment at the heart of each project. Choose Géosphere Consultants for unparalleled environmental excellence, where innovation meets commitment to a more sustainable future

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