Environmental monitoring of excavation work according to Trace Québec:

Monitoring the environmental quality of soils and/or groundwater involves sampling and analyzing soil and/or groundwater, either periodically or continuously, to assess the state or evolution of contaminant concentrations on a site during excavation or environmental remediation work. This monitoring can also be conducted periodically to assess the environmental quality of stacked soils, determine their reuse, valorization, or disposal on receiving sites.

Thus, Géosphère Consultants, with its qualified team, is responsible for monitoring the environmental quality of soils and groundwater on sites undergoing excavation or soil pile storage. The environmental monitoring work is documented through reports that confirm the achievement of environmental objectives in compliance with regulations following the Intervention Guide: Soil Protection and Contaminated Site Rehabilitation.

Furthermore, Géosphère Consultants is registered in the Trace Québec platform as a Soil Manager and Certifier. This allows us to conduct environmental monitoring of excavated soils and certify soil transportation manifests to appropriate disposal sites.

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