Geotechnical study and materials control

A geotechnical study is an analysis that allows for the examination of geological and geotechnical characteristics of a given site. It is conducted prior to the construction of a structure, building, or infrastructure to assess the soil's stability, the nature of the materials it consists of, the depth of the rock layer, the presence of groundwater, and other factors that can impact the construction and site safety.

Our team, comprised of geotechnical engineers and technicians, is highly qualified to perform soil tests, employ measurement devices to evaluate the physical characteristics of the soil, and conduct laboratory analyses to determine the soil composition.

The results of the geotechnical study are presented in a geotechnical report, signed by an engineer who is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), which provides recommendations for construction, foundations, and soil stabilization measures. This report is typically required by regulatory authorities and insurance companies to ensure the safety of buildings and infrastructure constructed on the studied site.

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