Géosphère Consultant | Soil decontamination
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Soil decontamination

Adopts different methods of soil decontamination

Géosphère Consultants


Géosphère Consultants is committed to providing solutions adapted to your budget and your needs in terms of decontamination and restoration of contaminated sites.


For more than 15 years, Géosphère Consultants has been working in the field of contaminated site rehabilitation. Our expertise allows us to manage large soil decontamination projects. We work with landfill and treatment centers licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MELCC).


Géosphère Consultants adopts different methods of soil decontamination according to several factors such as:

Structure and composition of soil: clay, silty, sandy, etc .

Position of contamination: deep or close to the surface.

Nature of contamination: organic, inorganic, soluble, insoluble, etc.

Current state: land exploited, built or vacant land

Duration of the process

The ex-situ method


it is a soil treatment technique without digging or dismantling the underground infrastructure. It requires injecting chemicals and / or biological products that come into contact with the contaminant molecule, causing the degradation of its carbon chain. This process leads to the destruction of the pollutant, transforming it into water, carbon dioxide and salt. Those by products of the reaction are not harmful to the environment and therefore carry no harmful repercussions.


LThe ex-situ method: excavation of the contaminated soil and replacement with clean sand:

Define the contaminated area

Excavate contaminated soil

Sample walls and bottom of excavation to an acceptable level according to MELCC criteria

Dispose of contaminated soil at a treatment site authorized by the MDDELCC

Conduct environmental monitoring of soil and groundwater quality

Fill the excavation area with clean soil