Environmental monitoring - Sainte-Julienne March 22, 2024
Environmental monitoring - Sainte-Julienne
Leader in the field of environment and waste management, Géosphère Consultants recently signed a new 3-year contract to carry out environmental monitoring of the construction or demolition debris landfill (LEDCD) in Sainte-Julienne. This collaboration reinforces Géosphère Consultants' commitment to environmental protection and responsible waste management.
Environmental monitoring of the Sainte-Julienne LEDCD is a crucial step to guarantee compliance with the strictest environmental standards. Géosphere Consultants will use its technical expertise and know-how to closely monitor the environmental impacts of the site, monitor air, water and soil quality parameters, and propose corrective measures if necessary.
As a trusted partner of local authorities, Géosphère Consultants is committed to providing regular and transparent reports on the environmental state of the site. This approach is part of a long-term vision of preserving the environment and promoting a circular economy, where waste is managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Géosphere Consultants will use cutting-edge methods and technologies to carry out this soil characterization, guaranteeing a rigorous approach that complies with current environmental standards. The main objective of this study is to provide precise and reliable data allowing informed decisions to be made for the preservation of the environment and the safety of users of the Aréna Melançon.
A company specializing in environmental fields and with a team of qualified and passionate experts, Géosphère Consultants offers high quality services to meet the varied needs of its clients in the public and private sector.
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